Thursday, July 24, 2014

World Unity

The world around us seems to be falling apart. Global conflict is imminent it seems. In the Middle East you have a slew of disastrous time bombs waiting to go off. The Syrian Civil War is a playground for Iran and her allies VS Saudi Arabia and her allies, Iraq is in the throes of another Civil War with a radical Islamic Group ripping the country apart in it’s quest for Caliphate, Israel is continuously attacking Gaza and Palestine with weapons that out match anything the Arab population of that territory could ever bring to arms, Ukraine and Russia are at  each others throats in what can only be called a proxy war by Russia using armed rebels to take over the country, the countries of Latin and Central America are in a chaotic struggle between civil society and warlord rule which is starting to impact the United States in negative ways and that is just the stuff I have been keeping up with. It truly seems to me and to many people out there that “shit is going down.”

All this violence that is going on now is only stifling our development as a species. We have progressed so much it would be a shame if it stopped now due to large scale global conflict that decimates the human population. Human societies though seem to be the most counterproductive on the planet. Unlike our animal shareholders on this planet we have a sense of self awareness that allows us to understand this one basic concept, we are all the same person. It sounds naive and very “hippie” to say it but people in China have similar concerns as people in America as do men and women living in Gaza to men and women living in Israel. Even though people living in some parts of the world have it harder (Gaza compared to America) we are all still connected by our humanity. From our basics needs like food/water, shelter, companionship, economic livelihood (regardless of what economic system you use) to the desire we all have to see our children grow and prosper in a world much more kinder and peaceful then ours today.

Yet even though we have these shared desires we are still separated due to our own creations. The two largest that I see that stand in the way of global unification is uncompromising faith (Radical Religion) and the nation state system.

Religion is a very tricky topic to cover because honestly I do not want to ban religion or destroy religion. In fact I hope to one day live in a world where man can worship how he or she deems fit without fear of attack for their "misplaced" faith. Yet no one can deny that religion plays a role in division. Even though the Christian and Islamic faiths both call on unity, compassion, and love their more radical adherents (more so muslims in the modern era then christians) tend to see things differently. Many radicals, again more Muslims then Christians due to the era we live in, use religion as a way to divide and conquer, for evidence of this just simply look to Iraq and Syria were we have shites, sunnis, and christians at each others throats. In the United States and Europe Christian citizens of these countries (not all but some) view Muslims with suspicion and even hate, while Muslims return the favor by viewing their new host countries as Kuffar (non-believers) and inferior, creating a sense of fragmentation rather then unity.

The concept of the nation state has also hindered our progress in the modern era. Now you have a system in which nations only tend to look out for themselves and ignore the rest of the people on this earth unless it can benefit them in a strategic or economic way. For example the United States, Russia, and the European nations all have some of the most advanced military, economic, and social systems on this planet yet their energies and resources are spent on non-cooperation with the other. Imagine if instead of the Cold War after WWII we have a unified Europe with Russia allied with them, instead of spending billions to out power the other we could have spent billions on global education, healthcare, and dare I say it even space travel to beyond the moon and stars. The levels of advancement we reached with atomic weapons could have been used in energy creation and solutions to problems such as global pollution or drug addiction.

Instead we continue to do the same thing over and over, kill, compete, and satisfy only the self, while making sure the other struggles to do the same. We only see the differences, I hear it all the time on the news and online. When we look at other people we point out their flaws and how they are different from us, we never look at them and say hey they have the same needs and hopes as I do.

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