Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Foreign Militaries More Important then American Highways

Over the past few months, Democrats and Republicans have been battling it out in the Senate and the House over domestic spending bills such as ones for our ailing infrastructure and the immigration crisis we are having on our border with Mexico. On both issues, we are hearing Republicans cry over too much spending by the Federal Government, and the Democrats crying foul on how all the Republican solutions are too short term to really do any good. Both sides when it comes to domestic spending are so far apart they cannot even see each other anymore.

                Yet there is one area of spending that brings these two rival parties together, foreign aid to our dear Middle Eastern Allies (the big three Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia take up the most). Let us take a look at the most recent example, Israel. Israel is currently in the middle of a conflict with its neighbor Gaza who just happens to not like Israel's existing thing its doing.  Israel recently asked the United States for a little extra cash to help it defend itself against a 3rd rate power. Israel asked an additional $225 Million to be added to the  $621.6 Million already promised in early June in a military spending bill[i]. The Senate Appropriations Committee voted unanimously on the bill, even though part of the money went into foreign hands. [ii]

                This type of spending is common in the United States Congress and it is not just Israel that benefits from this type of spending. Saudi Arabia sees huge donations to their war chests as well. Just this past year Saudi Arabia was included in a $10 Billion dollar deal for military aid.[iii]

                While countries like Saudi Arabia, which doesn't let women drive or travel long distances without a male guardian, and Israel who continuously violates Geneva War Conventions receive millions and billions of dollars worth of American aid, we peons of America AKA the citizens of this country are constantly ignored and left with nothing more then a dysfunctional government that can't even agree on whether or not they should fix the highways!

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