Monday, January 21, 2013

My Skepticism Towards Government Conspiracies

            For the record, this is not an expert's opinion. I am but a simple amateur making an observation about certain "political" beliefs regarding the American government that I find common in a few circles.  Again, for the record, I do not believe that the United States government is the perfect apple on the tree either, I know for a fact the U.S. government has and continues to participate in covert illicit, corrupt, and horrendous activities, both against its own people and those who fall under their sway.

            The argument I am trying to make is in regards to the conspiracy theories that surround the United States government, in particular the ones that follow the simple narrative that whenever something bad happens the U.S. government is the one behind it. Alternatively, replace the "U.S. Government" with the term New World Order, Stone Masons, Globalists, Zionists, etc, and you have the same narrative. For example in recent news the Sandy Hook school shooting has conjured up many beliefs that the U.S. was behind the attack in order to come up with an excuse to take "our" guns, or the most famous one of all 9-11 was carried out by the government in order to "insert theory here." I personally do not buy into the notion that the government is secretly behind all the incidents that occur and that a systematic takeover is occurring. What I do believe in is coincidence, pure luck of the draw, human emotions, and ultimately economic reasoning. All these incidents are too complex to narrow down to a single motive such as the government wanting to take all our guns away or the government blew up the towers to invade Iraq or set up a military state in the US. By doing that, we are ignoring the real, complex and very important issues that led to these horrible incidents
            For example in the Sandy Hook case, by wasting time and automatically chalking it up as a government conspiracy you have officially stopped looking for serious solutions to the problem. Issues like the lack of mental health care or the simple failure of mental health care is an issue necessary of exploration. In addition, issues like the state of the American family in which moms and dads are raising children in single parent homes that lack proper financial and emotional resources. Or, exploring issues such as the impact of violence on young children and the ease of access to violent material. Again, these are all issues that can be explored, but the conspiracy theorist has already pinned down the main problem, the government, all other issues are ignored and thus the problem continues.

            The example with 9-11 again portrays how serious issues are ignored and the conspiracy thrives. By believing, the government is behind the attacks we are choosing to ignore the social, political and economic reasoning behind the attacks. We are brushing aside the years of US domination of Muslim majority countries in which either we supported regimes (such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, etc) in harassing their citizenry or we ourselves have personally harassed their citizenry through either sanctions or violent attacks (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Etc.) That is not the only issue being ignored. Muslim Majority countries are a hive for Muslim extremism due to a promotion of the conservative elements of Islam and lack of education. These conditions along with constant exposure to negative contact with the West breed Islamic terrorist who use religion to promote their cause and sway the uneducated.

            By using the Government, New World Order, or what have you as the scapegoat every time an incident occurs you are not doing anything but deluding yourself and ignoring the real problems that require your attention.

            Again I do not believe our government is perfect, far from it, I know we do some shady stuff. We have overthrown dictators and installed puppets, we have a drug war going on but the only thing it does is line pockets. However, I strongly believe that these incidents are happening due to cause and effect rules, rather than systematic governments take over.  


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