Saturday, October 20, 2012

Planned Parenthood A Sound Investment

            Planned Parenthood, America's leader in abortion, wait what? Yes, Planned Parenthood is America's leader in abortion and they must be stopped or else our entire civilization will collapse and we will all be under the rule of Islamist terrorist that force us to abort our babies!
            Ok so that is obviously very hyperbolic, and I do not think anyone is really that deranged….well maybe someone is, but that is a different topic for a different day. Planned Parenthood or PPH is an organization that has been targeted by the political right, religious groups, and other advocates of the pro-life brigade. The claim by these groups is simple: Since PPH performs abortions we as Americans must vote in representatives who will cut funding. The funding these pro-lifers are talking about is a total of $363.2 Million![1] Holy moley that is a lot of money going to abortions!! This is truly outrageous, and though I myself have no qualms with abortion, I still find it insulting that my fellow Americans, who happen to be pro-life advocates have to see their hard earned money go to something they truly do not support!  Wait, you are telling me that PPH does not use public money to fund abortions? So the claims made by these groups are false? We should invest in PPH? The answer to all those questions is a solid YES and we are about to find out why!

            PPH is an organization that according to them "Works to improve women's health and safety, prevent unintended pregnancies, and advance the right and ability of individuals and families to make informed and responsible choices."[2] What a bunch of cold-hearted bastards! The services that PPH provides for women include, but are not limited to:  birth control, diabetes screening, cholesterol screening, general women's health and yes abortions.[3] Now a third of PPH's funding does come from the federal and state level, but there is this really interesting thing called a law that prevents them from using any of it on abortions. PPH's federal funding comes from a program called Title X, which deals with family planning and preventive care. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, "By law, Title X funds may not be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning."[4] Meaning that if PPH assigns abortion as a family planning method it will loses its Title X money, and in theory render it useless as an organization. So all of PPH's abortions (3% of their total services)[5] are paid for by other means, either the participant, private donors or whoever, bottom line is our tax money does not go to abortions, therefore it makes no sense to defund the organization on the principle of our taxes are being use to fund abortions.

            Nevertheless, why should we pay for anything PPH does? Should the government take a vested interest in the health of the female population? Very good questions and here is an answer I am sure you will agree with. As a nation, we make investments on a daily basis. We invest in our military to make sure that our economic and military interests abroad are met, we invest in our education (sort of) in order to stay competitive and we need to invest in our health so we can stay productive. PPH plays a vital role in urban communities where many middle and lower class women live and work, and sadly are not insured for the most part. Some of these women might also be single mothers for one reason or another and cannot afford to pay for doctors visits. PPH provides a cheap and very safe alternative to expensive hospitals and doctors' offices. PPH provides services to help maintain a working woman's health, allowing her to continue working and contributing to society and her family, rather than getting sick and missing work. In addition, PPH allows women access to the pill a contraceptive that can help reduce the chances of pregnancy.

            Whether you want to admit it or not people have sex, and they have sex married or not, and I am sorry but no amount of church or Jesus is going to stop that. So rather than preaching abstinence and all that archaic madness, access to birth control will give women the power to stop unwanted pregnancies.  "But I don't want to fund birth control it goes against my religious beliefs!" Well I am sorry to say this, but sometimes we have to make compromise and give for the greater good. Birth control can play a crucial role in our society. Like I stated earlier, people are going to have sex and sometimes men are not going to be responsible enough to use a condom, therefore the chances of pregnancy are greater. This leads to several single moms who have to quit school, abandon their dreams and settle down to raise their child, sometimes alone and relaying on government benefits to make ends meet. To avoid this and keep more women on the path towards success and off the dependency on government benefits, it is imperative they have access to birth control and other medical necessities so they and they alone can control what happens to them. An investment such as this will not only benefit women in the short run, it will also benefit the nation as a whole in the long run when we have less women entering the realm of poverty and more entering the middle class.  

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